“Fuck off, I’m writing Jane Eyre!”

‘This grittily exhilarating show is essential viewing if you’re interested in the future of the British musical’

‘Inspired. It’s delightful to see the formal boundaries of the genre given such a joyously energetic workout and heralds rich creative times to come’
★★★★ Fiona Mountford EVENING STANDARD

‘fantastically witty book and lyrics by Carl Miller
★★★★ Arifa Akbar THE GUARDIAN

FULL LENGTH, MUSICAL | 4 actors 4 musicians

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first performed by Siobhan Athwal, Natasha Barnes, Molly Lynch and Matthew Jacobs Morgan
with musicians Kat Bax, Joe Bunker, Nathan Gregory and Isabel Torres

music and orchestrations by Christopher Ash
book and lyrics by Carl Miller
directed by Adam Lenson
musical director Joe Bunker
set and costume designer Libby Todd
lighting designers Matt Daw and Sam Waddington
sound design Mike Thacker for Orbital
movement director Natasha Harrison
voice and dialect coach Izo Fitzroy
associate director Grace Taylor
associate movement director Christina Fulcher
associate set and costume designer Rachael Ryan
rehearsal assistant Ellie Coote

additional credits below




They were brilliant, strange and driven. They toiled in obscurity, suddenly leapt to fame and died tragically. A posthumous PR campaign tried to conceal evidence of drug addiction and sexual scandal. Their works were denounced for immorality and their unhealthy influence on young people. The more we found out about Anne, Branwell, Charlotte and Emily Brontë, the more they felt like a struggling, squabbling band on a classic crash and burn trajectory.

There were the early ‘band in a garage’ years – the joy of adolescent creations inspired by their artistic idols, full of obscure references only each other would understand. Then the grim practical business of having to go out and earn a living. Disaster after disaster brought them back home to Haworth – it is hard not to sympathise with the colleagues from railway stations to boarding schools who found the members of this eccentric quartet ill-suited to any employment other than their own obsessive creativity. The early experimental releases which fail to find a public at first – the self-published book of poems which shifted only two copies in their lifetime. And the break-up of the band – the shift from the collective project of the Glasstown miniature books to the individual artistic work which would make three of them famous. We even had in Constantin Héger and Lydia Robinson – Charlotte and Branwell’s catastrophic infatuations – disruptive love interests that threaten to tear the band apart. Even our choice of rockumentary form is a tribute to their genre-bending inventiveness – Charlotte published Jane Eyre not as a novel, but as an Autobiography Edited by Currer Bell.

So we think they would have got what we are trying to do in Wasted – mashing up documentary and invention in a celebration of creative achievement against all odds. On a visit to London after being outed as writers of celebrated novels, Charlotte and Anne were taken to Covent Garden to see Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. ‘Very brilliant’ said Charlotte, ‘though I fancy there are things I should like better’. Haworth may not have had a clean water supply during the Brontës’ lifetime, but it did have a Philharmonic Society which gave a yearly concert of popular songs at the Black Bull Inn. Many of these were the theatre hits of the day – emotion drenched and comic ‘songs from the shows’ that were loudly appreciated by the Brontës and their neighbours. We hope that they would have been just as thrilled by the energy, passion and joy we have found in the inspiration of their extraordinary story.


produced at Southwark Playhouse by Oli Sones, Sally Humphreys Productions and Jason Haigh-Ellery in association with Richard Kiln

production manager Ned Lay
stage manager Catriona McHugh
assistant stage manager Emily Humphrys
sound operator Mike Woods
production electrician Alex Ramsden
hair and makeup consultant Diana Estrada
deputy production electrician Philip Burke
prop maker Rob Connick
scenic artists Sorcha Corcoran, Imelda Cox, Anna Privitera and Zowie Wise
set built by Footprint Scenery
sound engineers Andy Hinton and Sam Walker
electricians Jack Cover and Michael Glanville
carpenters Gavin Kerr and Sam Raffal 

perfomers in WYP work-in-progress performances: Christine Allado, Siobhan Athwal, Rebecca Brewer, Théophile Dorges, Noam Galperin, Nathan Gregory, Oliver Hembrough, Ben Trigg and Curtis Volp

performers in other readings, workshops and pitches: Luka Antony Bjelis, Jessica Daley, Carly Mercedes Dyer, Hiba Elchikhe, Chris Hancock, Kevin Oliver Jones, Suzanna Kempner, Aran Macrae, Sarah Middleton, Jess Millward, Hannah Moss and Andrew Pugsley