‘We carry billions of base pairs of DNA. How many do we need? A fraction. The rest – excess baggage. The genetic equivalent of ill-considered toiletries, spare socks, not-to-be-opened airport novels…’


‘This super-smart, and brilliantly entertaining new play by Carl Miller asks all the big questions… the strangest, smartest and perhaps most important new play of the year’

Want to perform or produce DESCENT?



first performed by Michael Gould, Katharine Rogers and Hannah Watkins

with Vanessa Barrett, Clair Cawthray, Jayne Edwards, Dean Finlan, Kerry Langan, Matthew Lloyd, Emma McLaughlin, Eleanor Morgan, John Partridge, Jennifer Pick, Chris Pilkington and Laura Pugh

directed by Pip Minnithorpe
designed by Janet Bird
composer Andrew Green
vocals Hilary Summers
lighting designer Emma Chapman
sound designer Mike Winship
choreographer Yael Loewenstein
assistant director Yael Shavit
assistant director Young Rep Company Derek Bond
stage manager Rosie Gilbert
production manager Jeff Brown
stage manager Beyond the Boundaries Tim Hughes
construction manager Mike Rudin
scenic artists Leanne Boyd and Sarah Claxton
Young Rep costumes Laura Smith
costume supervisor Heather MacVean
production assistants Marie Boethas and Aude Vanhoutte
music recorded and mixed by Tony Lewis
costume and prop assistant Leigh Cranston